Harry Potter

Harry Potter, that book you grew up reading, that movie you couldn’t wait to see, BANNED?! Why would it be banned?

This series was banned because instead of the sweet, enjoyable books everyone thinks they are, there’s a chance they could be written to inspire children to become part of the occult. Anyone who’s read this series knows that there is truly no harm to be found in them, but some people think there is.

“Harry Potter is a good role model for children. Harry is a boy wizard that despite all the hard breaks he has in his life still manages to prevail over his adversaries. The stories are full of universal themes. Learning to face up to fears, standing up for what one believes in and realizing that people with different backgrounds can work together and become friends are skills that everyone could use reminding of.”

To see evidence of the “Harry Potter Controversy” please explore the links below:





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